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Elastic Strap "Hans im Glück" Elastic Strap "Hans im Glück"
The Elastic Strap "Hans im Glück" was created for the "Planet B-Box". Anyone who has bought an English copy of it knows it and already has it. It's very convenient and can keep game boxes in this size together when you go to a game night...
€1.50 *
Advent Package 2022 (English Version) Advent Package 2022 (English Version)
In the Advent Package 2022 you will find: - 6 tableaux from the Carcassonne base game 2.1 (72 tiles) - The Carcassonne Mini-Expansion: The Japanese Buildings (6 tiles) - The new Paleo module: The Hornets (EN) - The Paleo Mini-Expansion...
€24.99 *
Spiel '22 tile Spiel '22 tile
The Spiel '22 tile Attention! This tile may only be ordered with a minimum order value of €20.00 (exclusive shipping costs). We reserve the right to cancel the tile in the order if it falls below this value. And of course only ONE per...
€0.01 *
Paleo - The Hornets (EN) Paleo - The Hornets (EN)
We have learned how useful bees and their honey can be. But now hornets have settled nearby, and they don't seem friendly. Attention! This module can only be played together with PALEO. This is the English version Combined with light...
€4.99 *
Paleo - Flash Of Wit + rules (EN) Paleo - Flash Of Wit + rules (EN)
The Flash Of Wit is another PALEO module. These are the cards with English text. Below you will find the English rules for download. Attention! Can only be played with the base game "Paleo".
€1.99 *
Carcassonne - Hunters and Gatherers (DE 2020) Carcassonne - Hunters and Gatherers (DE 2020)
The English version is also available on Z-Man Games (click here) The new Carcassonne Hunters and Gatherers (2020) is out now! As in Carcassonne base game the players spread out a beautiful landscape from large cards. It is populated by...
€21.99 * €26.99 *
Carcassonne - Über Stock und Stein (DE) Carcassonne - Über Stock und Stein (DE)
Get out into the countryside and hike through the wonderful landscape, amidst fruit trees, grain fields and sunflowers! Nobody can resist a juicy apple or a sweet strawberry. This Carcassonne variant is a rural fun game where tactics are...
€9.99 * €21.99 *
Ranking (DE) Ranking (DE)
Does the Yeti need a grand piano more urgently, or rather a bumper car? What would be more worthy of a king? A mysterious statue or a chest of gold? These and similar earth-shattering questions could be answered by the players in...
€4.99 * €24.99 *