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Majesty - For the Realm (DE) Majesty - For the Realm (DE)
In MAJESTY you are aspiring queens and kings trying to build the richest kingdom to be crowned. But for that you need the help of your subjects. From a humble miller to a noblewoman, each person can play a crucial role in your kingdom....
€29.99 *
Stone Age Junior - The card game (DE) Stone Age Junior - The card game (DE)
You want to build your own settlement in the Stone Age. Whoever is best at remembering how to get goods or how to call the helpful dog will be the quickest to collect all the goods for their huts. Stone Age Junior - The card game is the...
€12.99 *
Carcassonne - Amazonas (DE) Carcassonne - Amazonas (DE)
Carcassonne Amazonas is the third standalone game in the Carcassonne Around the World series. Enter the Amazon jungle where parrots, toucans and other animals roam. Everyone wants to visit the villages, get the best places for their...
€26.99 *
The Voyages of Marco Polo (DE) The Voyages of Marco Polo (DE)
In Marco Polo, players embody one of many characters who worked with and around Marco Polo. They start in Venice and plan their own routes during the game. Here it is crucial to weigh up which path promises the most success... Directly...
€49.99 *
Carcassonne - Über Stock und Stein (DE) Carcassonne - Über Stock und Stein (DE)
Get out into the countryside and hike through the wonderful landscape, amidst fruit trees, grain fields and sunflowers! Nobody can resist a juicy apple or a sweet strawberry. This Carcassonne variant is a rural fun game where tactics are...
€21.99 *
Die Staufer (DE) Die Staufer (DE)
The Staufer family provided several Roman-German kings and emperors in the 12th and 13th centuries. The most famous of these was Frederick I, known as Barbarossa. But his son, Henry VI. was it that brought the Staufer empire to an even...
€19.99 *
El Grande - Big Box (DE) El Grande - Big Box (DE)
Spain in the late Middle Ages. The king's position is secured, but the high nobles, the grandees, seek to expand their influence. As grandees, the players send their minions to the Spanish regions to expand their position there. However,...
€54.99 *
Ohne Furcht und Adel (DE) Ohne Furcht und Adel (DE)
Without fear but with a lot of nobility, 8 suspicious characters plunge into the competition for the most valuable buildings. A good dose of cunning is required, because in each round the players slip into new roles. A sneaky poker face...
€11.99 *
Ranking (DE) Ranking (DE)
Does the Yeti need a grand piano more urgently, or rather a bumper car? What would be more worthy of a king? A mysterious statue or a chest of gold? These and similar earth-shattering questions could be answered by the players in...
€24.99 *
Canaletto (DE) Canaletto (DE)
Now that the Easter bundle is sold out, we are now offering you the Canaletto individually at a special price. This game is a German-language edition!
€3.99 *
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