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Limited special edition – Carcassonne designed like a medieval book Limited special edition – Carcassonne designed...
Product is sold out! Check it out! This limited special edition - designed like a medieval book – is a must for real fans of Carcassonne! Description: This is a special edition of the Carcassonne game in the form of a medieval book. The...
€632.64 *
Carcassonne - Big Box (2017) Carcassonne - Big Box (2017)
Expected to be available again at the end of May. The Carcassonne Big Box 2017 in the new edition is the perfect starter set for everyone who wants to finally get to know Carcassonne in it s huge variety and of course for all Carcassonne...
€53.60 *
Carcassone basic game Carcassone basic game
Sold in millions, simple and new time and time again. Carcassonne is the modern game-classic with admirers all over the world. Build the landscape, install your men as knights, highwaymen, monks and peasants and achieve the highest score.
€26.31 *