Marco Polo II - In service of the Khan (DE)

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  • 1057
  • Daniele Tascini, Simone Luciani
  • Dennis Lohausen
  • 12+ Jahre
  • 2-4
  • ca. 30 Min. pro Spieler
Attention: On our webshop o nly available in German! The English version will come... more
Product information "Marco Polo II - In service of the Khan (DE)"

Attention: On our webshop only available in German!
The English version will come soon to Z-Man Games:

The voyages of Marco Polo continue. After having travelled to Beijing in the first part, you can now start from there travelling various routes across Asia. Marco Polo and you as his companions will accomplish various missions of Khan who sends you into the remote areas of his realm.

The ones who know the base game The voyages of Marco Polo will easily find out how to play this game, however, nothing stayed the same! All actions are carried out differently and there are even new ones. Apart from that, Jade is implemented as a new good, there are new characters and a new final scoring.

Marco Polo II - In the Service of the Khan is a stand-alone game, which conveys the feeling of the first part and offers a really new experience at the same time.


The game can be combined with:

  • Some characters from The Voyages of Marco Polo (basic game)
  • Marco Polo - New Characters (mini expansion)
  • Companions from Die Gefährten des Marco Polo - Erweiterung 1 (be careful: strengths and weaknesses can be different).