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Citadels - Metropole (GER) Citadels - Metropole (GER)
14 new unique buildings are waiting for you! Shuffle them into the 54 base buildings and off you go! Attention! Only available in German Language!
€4.99 *
Hadara - New Starting Cards Hadara - New Starting Cards
5 new starting cards for a more varied start at Hadara. This starting card set was also included in the game box 3/2020. Attention! Can only be played with the base game "Hadara".
€1.49 *
Marco Polo - Secret Paths (GER/EN) Marco Polo - Secret Paths (GER/EN)
This mini-expansion "Secret Paths of Marco Polo" gives you new ways to travel. Now there are secret city connections which normally don't exist. In addition, you avoid costs that you have to pay on normal connections. Components: 19...
€4.99 *
Stone Age - The Mammoth Herd (GER/EN) Stone Age - The Mammoth Herd (GER/EN)
A herd of Mammoth is gathering by your village. You can tame some of them to help you to build your huts. But better be quick as the other villages have the same idea. Components: 16 bonus-tiles, 1 buildup "Mammoth Herd", rules in DE+EN...
€6.99 *
Manhattan - Promocards - Mini-Expansion (GER/EN) Manhattan - Promocards - Mini-Expansion (GER/EN)
The small but fine mini expansion for the new edition of the game of the year 1994 MANHATTAN. Attention! Can only be played with the base game "Manhattan". You can download the german rules of the game here: Here you can find the rules...
€1.99 *
Sankt Petersburg - Completion Pack (GER/EN) Sankt Petersburg - Completion Pack (GER/EN)
The pack for completing the new version of Saint Petersburg which completes the expansion "In the Best of Company". The cards were not included in the game because they do not match 100% with the existing rules. However, they existed in...
€1.99 *
Bruges - The Pets (GER) Bruges - The Pets (GER)
This mini-expansion offers exciting new things and uses the well-known game principle. Attention! Can only be played with the basic game "Bruges".
€3.99 *
Pantheon - New Subtenants (GER) Pantheon - New Subtenants (GER)
With this mini-expansion, new deities are moving into your pantheon and expanding the possibilities in the game. With Fonsis and Fonset gods come into play for the first time which are only present once in the whole game. You can simply...
€2.49 *
Hawaii - Kamapua'as Favor (GER) Hawaii - Kamapua'as Favor (GER)
This mini expansion was included in Spielbox Magazin 02/2012. Now it is exclusively available from us. Attention! Can only be played with the base game "Hawaii".
€2.49 *
Saint Petersburg - The Banquet (GER) Saint Petersburg - The Banquet (GER)
These cards are a worthwhile mini-expansion for the classic Saint Petersburg ( old version ). Attention! Can only be played with the base game "Saint Petersburg".
€0.99 *