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Carcassonne - 6 tableaux of the Base Game 2.1 Carcassonne - 6 tableaux of the Base Game 2.1
This article contains 6 tableaux of the Carcassonne Base Game 2.1 (72 tiles without the mini-expansion "The River"). You can use these tiles to expand your previous basic game for even more fun or you can use them as additional tiles for...
€14.99 *
Carcassonne - Base Game (3.0 English Version) Carcassonne - Base Game (3.0 English Version)
The base game got a new coat of paint on the box. The tiles remained the same in design. Sold in millions, simple and new again and again. Carcassonne is the modern game-classic which admires all over the world. Build the landscape,...
€26.99 *
Carcassonne - My First Carcassonne (English Version) Carcassonne - My First Carcassonne (English...
Here comes the new edition of the all-time classic Carcassonne for kids! In this version, 2-4 kids (and adults) from ages 4 and up can discover the world of Carcassonne. Place the tiles and as many of your pawns as you can. But a little...
€24.99 *
Elastic Strap "Hans im Glück" Elastic Strap "Hans im Glück"
The Elastic Strap "Hans im Glück" was created for the "Planet B-Box". Anyone who has bought an English copy of it knows it and already has it. It's very convenient and can keep game boxes in this size together when you go to a game night...
€1.50 *
Carcassonne Ukraine tile Carcassonne Ukraine tile
Thanks for your support! Because of this, Hans im Glück Verlag and we were able to donate 30.000€ to the NGO come back alive ! You can now buy the remaining stock of the Ukraine tile at a lower price. We will...
€0.99 *
Paleo - The Hornets (EN) Paleo - The Hornets (EN)
We have learned how useful bees and their honey can be. But now hornets have settled nearby, and they don't seem friendly. Attention! This module can only be played together with PALEO. This is the English version Combined with light...
€4.99 *
Carcassonne - The Bets (DE/EN) Carcassonne - The Bets (DE/EN)
With this mini-expansion you place bets on how many tiles a road or a city will consist of upon completion. Influence these areas in your favor and get the extra points. Components: 10 betting place tiles, 36 betting chips, 1 rule....
€6.99 *
Carcassonne - Mists over Carcassonne (DE) Carcassonne - Mists over Carcassonne (DE)
This is the German edition! Dense mist creeps over the fields, swallowing up all of Carcassonne. Even the bravest knights tremble, their armor rattling, when they hear: "The mist is waking up the souls of the Cathars. They are coming for...
€34.99 *
Planet B (DE) Planet B (DE)
In the not-so-distant future, humanity decided it was time to abandon Earth for good and repeat its mistakes on a new planet. Nevertheless, as always, it's all about putting as much money as possible in your own pocket - no really, just...
€74.99 *
Planet B (English version) Planet B (English version)
A German box with English rulebook and cards, opened to change the language. In the not-so-distant future, humanity decided it was time to abandon Earth for good and repeat its mistakes on a new planet. Nevertheless, as always, it's all...
€74.99 *
Carcassonne Maps - Taiwan (DE/EN) Carcassonne Maps - Taiwan (DE/EN)
With Carcassonne Maps we are offering a whole new way to play your Carcassonne . You will receive the Map and you will use your already existing game material. With Carcassonne Maps Taiwan you can visit now all the nice places, build (or...
€7.99 *
Carcassonne - 50/100 scoring tiles Carcassonne - 50/100 scoring tiles
For all those who cannot get enough Carcassonne points, the scoring tiles are now also offered. It is a tableau with 6 tiles showing 50 points on one side and 100 points on the other side.
€2.49 *
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