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Carcassonne Südsee - Freitag (DE) Carcassonne Südsee - Freitag (DE)
This is the mini-expansion for "Carcassonne - Südsee". Once in a week, Freitag pays the South Seas a visit. This nice little guy shouldn't be missing among fish, shells and bananas. Components: 6 land tiles, 1 wooden Freitag, 1 rule...
€3.99 *
Carcassonne - Winter edition - Gingerbreadman Carcassonne - Winter edition - Gingerbreadman
This is a mini-expansion for our board game "Carcassonne Winter-Edition": Whenever one of the new specific tiles is placed, the gingerbread man moves. In doing so he leaves gifts for the knights of the town he is leaving. He just wants...
€4.99 *