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Carcassonne - The Barber-Surgeons Carcassonne - The Barber-Surgeons
With this mini-expansion, you'll send your Meeples to the barber surgeon's. A bathhouse had several purposes during the Middle Ages. You could take a bath sharing the latest gossip as well as you could enjoy a highly professional medical...
€4.86 *
Carcassonne - The fruit-bearing trees Carcassonne - The fruit-bearing trees
With this expansion, Carcassonne will be surrounded by various fruit-bearing trees. The larger the variety of fruits you offer is, the higher your income will be. Components 6 new land tiles with 6 types of fruit-bearing trees (quince,...
€4.86 *
Carcassonne - The Labyrinth Carcassonne - The Labyrinth
This expansion, part of the 'SpielDoch'-1/2016 magazine, now exclusively available here. Rules Shuffle the new land tiles with the basic tiles. Placing a land tile and placing a meeple works with the basic rules. The Labyrinth is no...
€2.43 *
Carcassonne - The Festival II (New edition) Carcassonne - The Festival II (New edition)
Also the people of Carcassonne want to have the right to party! As you might know, a party often ends in chaos! Originally, this mini-expansion was part of the 15th Anniversary Edition. Now it is available exclusively in the Cundco Shop....
€4.86 *
The Markets of Leipzig & Carcassonne Amazon mini-expansion The Markets of Leipzig & Carcassonne Amazon...
During the Middle Ages the town of Leipzig was the crossing point of the trading roads Via regia and Via Imperii, which caused the emergence of numerous markets in this region. In the year of 1507 Leipzig became a staple town. Thus, all...
€4.86 *
Carcassonne - Die Wachtürme Carcassonne - Die Wachtürme
Mit dieser Mini-Erweiterung könnt ihr Wachtürme in und um Carcassonne errichten. Jeder Turm überwacht andere Dinge und ist umso wertvolle, je mehr es in seiner Umgebung zu sehen gibt. Material: 12 neue Landschaftsplättchen mit Wachtürmen.
€4.86 *
Carcassonne Goldrausch - Der Sheriff Carcassonne Goldrausch - Der Sheriff
This is the mini-expasnion for our board game "Carcassonne - Goldrausch". Who dares to go further westwards? Game instructions are included.
€4.38 *
Carcassonne Südsee - Freitag Carcassonne Südsee - Freitag
This is the mini-expansion for "Carcassonne - Südsee". Once in a week, Freitag pays the South Seas a visit. This nice little guy shouldn't be missing among fish, shells and bananas. Game instructions are included.
€3.89 *
Carcassonne - Die Windrosen Carcassonne - Die Windrosen
Expansion is sold out. Only the German rules are here
€4.38 *
Carcassonne - Die Schule Carcassonne - Die Schule
This mini-expansion was designed in order to build a school in Ghana. The full revenue is going to benefit the association " Rainbow over Ghana" by spending the money on the construction of a school at Lake Bosumtwi. Since we consider...
€3.89 *
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