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Carcassonne - Japanese Buildings Carcassonne - Japanese Buildings
This mini expansion containing 6 well-known buildings in Japan gives the players the opportunity to score points in a new way. Whether or not they score more points though, will be seen at the end of the game. Components 6 new Land tiles...
€4.99 *
Carcassonne - Die Windrosen (old edtition, DE) Carcassonne - Die Windrosen (old edtition, DE)
Expansion is sold out. Only the German rules are here
€4.49 *
Carcassonne Südsee - Freitag (DE) Carcassonne Südsee - Freitag (DE)
This is the mini-expansion for "Carcassonne - Südsee". Once in a week, Freitag pays the South Seas a visit. This nice little guy shouldn't be missing among fish, shells and bananas. Game instructions in German are included.
€3.99 *
Carcassonne - Die Schule (old edition, DE) Carcassonne - Die Schule (old edition, DE)
This mini-expansion was designed in order to build a school in Ghana. The full revenue is going to benefit the association " Rainbow over Ghana" by spending the money on the construction of a school at Lake Bosumtwi. Since we consider...
€3.99 *
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