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Hadara - solo version - for free Hadara - solo version - for free
This Hadara solo version is for free. You only need the rules and your Hadara base game. Have fun! This item is free and cannot be purchased.
€0.01 *
Hadara - The Plague Doctors Hadara - The Plague Doctors
This mini extension is available as a free "Print & Play" version. Just print it and cut it out. Your civilisations are being plagued by a mysterious disease. Only the Plague Doctors can help your people. Download the data and print it...
€0.01 *
Hadara - Marketplaces & Monuments Hadara - Marketplaces & Monuments
New achievements await your small mix-civilisation. Construct a new monument developing your military and your culture equally. Or you concentrate on your new marketplace if you want to make profits from your spare food - or do you even...
€6.81 *
Hadara - Nobles & Inventions Hadara - Nobles & Inventions
Time passes and new nobles are on their way to you. They have new inventions with them ready to accelerate your progress. This mini expansion includes 48 new epoch cards. You need the Hadara base game to play this mini-expansion. Here...
€4.86 *