Printed Mini-Game-Rules


Product number: 4000
Product information "Printed Mini-Game-Rules"

Please read the product description carefully and follow them.

There are no printed rules for your Mini-Expansion, but you didn't like reading them from your cell phone? And you don’t have a printer either?

We will print out the rule for you and send it with your order.

You can only order rules for Mini-Expansions, which are available for download here in the shop.

This is a normal, colored print, no glossy paper and no stapled pages.

If you have a question, please contact our service.

We reserve the right to cancel orders or individual items that do not comply with the rules.

That's how it works:

  • Add the total amount required to your shopping cart.
  • Then you go to "Checkout", there is a textbox at the bottum. (see 2nd product image)
  • Here you enter the name of the game or expansion (preferably with the year) that you would like to print out.
  • If you want several rules printet, please write each on a new line.

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