Can I order spare parts from you?
Yes, you can get spare parts for (almost) all HiG games here. You can find the relevant spare parts items
here. If you need a particularly large number or special parts (e.g. game box or a cotton bag), please write to support.

Do you have rule books or spare parts in my language too?
Maybe, but mostly we have rule books and spare parts in German and sometimes in English. But feel free to write us an
e-mail for asking.

Something was missing/corrupted in my new game.
Please send us an e-mail to
service@cundco.de, including a photo of the damage and the receipt, as well as your address. If it is a production issue, we will refer you to our partner for your country.

How long does delivery take and how much does it cost?
You can find everything about delivery under

Where is my order?
You should have received a DHL tracking link in your shipping confirmation. If nothing has happened there for more than a week or you can't find the link, please contact our

Do you deliver to my country?
We deliver to a variety of countries, but cannot offer regular service to every country. If your country is not available for selection in the shop, please send us an
e-mail and we will see if we can deliver to you.

How can I pay for an order?
You can find everything about payment

How can I cancel my order?
To do this, please contact us. It is best to write an e-mail to

I no longer want (parts of) my order.
You can use your right of withdrawal to do this; you can find all the necessary information about the revocation

Can I add something to my completed order?
We're sorry, but no. A completed and paid order cannot be changed subsequently. Since the shipping costs have already been calculated here and the customs documents have been created for non-EU orders.

Can I order by phone or email?
Unfortunately no.
As an online shop, our processes are completely designed for regular orders in the online shop.

Do you still have old games or expansions?
Unfortunately, there are some games and mini expansions that are no longer produced and are no longer available. If it's not in the shop, we don't have it when you ask, sorry!

I'm looking for …, will it come again?
Yes, no, maybe, often we don't know that either or aren't allowed to tell you yet. ;-) In order not to miss anything here, it's best to follow Hans-im-Glück on
Facebook or Instagram. Or subscribe to the CundCo newsletter.

How do I get the SPIEL’ tiles?
These special tiles of the corresponding year are only available directly at the “SPIEL” fair in Essen, the “Spielwiesn” in Augsburg and as part of our Advent-Season-Sale. Otherwise unfortunately not at all! We ask for your understanding.

Why can't I redeem my voucher?
Unfortunately, the old voucher system could not be adopted. If you still have a voucher from the old shop, please write us an
email, include the voucher code and we will of course give you a new one.

Why does my order suddenly cost more?
In the EU we have to adjust the VAT to the respective delivery country, so it may happen that you have to pay a little more or less than initially shown.

My order is leaving the EU, why do I have to pay VAT?
In order to be able to send the shipment without VAT, we would have to declare an export to customs. Since we are only a small shop with 2 employees, we cannot possibly handle the necessary paperwork, we are sorry. We will try to find a solution here as soon as possible.

Do I have to pay import duties for my order?
Maybe, it depends on your country and the value of the order. Unfortunately, we can't tell you what it's like for you, so it's best to just use Google.

Why are your prices sometimes higher than those of other retailers?

We are only a small shop and even though we are the official HiG shop, like all retailers, we obtain many of our products through wholesale.
In addition, all our employees are paid fairly, and we offer a spare parts service for (almost) all HiG games.