Carcassonne Tiles (please note the product description)

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wood / plastic pawns/pieces

Please don't forget to choose the amount of your ordered pieces next to the button "Add to shopping cart" where the number "1" is listed as standard !!! Thank you


If it is Carcassonne please also add the expansion. Thank you!

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This product is for ordering Carcassonne landscape and scoring tiles, as a SPARE PART for... more
Product information "Carcassonne Tiles (please note the product description)"

This product is for ordering Carcassonne landscape and scoring tiles, as a SPARE PART for broken and lost tiles. Please use this TILES LISTto name the tiles correctly.

Unfortunately we can not guarantee the availability of the tiles! In the case the tile is out of stock we will refund the price.

The special tiles from the Essener fair are only there and at out Advents-Saison-Sale availabil.


  • SPARE PARTS are limited to 10 pieces. If you need more, please contact our support:
  • Tiles witch are with a cross in the Tiles-List are not availabil.
  • We do only sell single SPAR PARTS, no (nearly) complete sets or games, even not in different orders.
  • We have to open and loot our games to offer you the spare parts service. We have no extra production of spare parts. Thank you for your understanding.
  • For various reasons, there may be slight differences in color between tiles of the same edition. We cannot guarantee a 100% match to your game here.

This is how it works

  • name the game (even the expansion)
  • name the piece in detail
  • choose the amount of each ordered tile (button near „Add to shopping cart“)
  • put it into your shopping cart

We reserve the right to cancel all orders witch are not fitting with this instructions.

*Thanks to the Carcassonne Forum!