Book "Das Geheimnis des Genter Altars" (signed by the author)

Book "Das Geheimnis des Genter Altars" (signed by the author)
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  • Klaus-Jürgen Wrede
Attention , the book is only in German available! The book is signed by the author, the foil... more
Product information "Book "Das Geheimnis des Genter Altars" (signed by the author)"

Attention, the book is only in German available!

The book is signed by the author, the foil has been opened for this.
A few words from the author Klaus-Jürgen Wrede about his novel:
My novel has a very special meaning for me - especially with regard to the game "CARCASSONNE".
Without this novel, the game would not even exist!
I researched the novel for a number of years, well before the game. So my research led me to southern France in the area around Carcassonne - on the trail of the Templars and Cathars. So this area and the city of Carcassonne is also partly the setting of the novel.
And it was on this trip that the idea for the game CARCASSONNE came to me!
After I had already written part of the novel, the novel stayed put for many years, because I was really taken by the teaching profession and the success of the game. So I couldn't finish it until much later, even though I had started long before the game.
But he was actually the reason for the creation of CARCASSONNE!

A dead friend. - A stolen masterpiece. - Encrypted messages in the famous Ghent Altarpiece - And an ominous organization...

When Daniel finds his friend murdered in his apartment, he is inevitably drawn into the mysterious events surrounding a sensational art heist in 1934. With the help of the inscrutable Mara, he uncovers mysterious messages in the panel of the Ghent Altarpiece, which has been lost to this day, and discovers an unbelievable secret...

Based on historical events surrounding one of the most spectacular art thefts of all time, an exciting thriller develops that leads from Cologne via Ghent across Europe and deep into the still unsolved mystery of the well-known Ghent Altarpiece by the van Eyck brothers...

"A great novel by game designer Klaus-Jürgen Wrede ("Carcassonne"). Exciting to the last page."