Can I order spare parts from you?
Yes, as long as it's just about a few tiles for replacing, namely here: spare parts.

How long is the delivery time and what are the costs?
Everything about the delivery time and the costs can be found at shipping.

How can I pay an order?
Everything about the payment can be found at payment.

How do I cancel an order?
Completed orders cannot be amended anymore. Just place another order and don't pay for the wrong/previous one. We exclusively dispatch paid orders, unpaid orders expire without any consequences.

Can I add something to my completed order?
We're sorry, but no! A completed and paid order can not be changed afterwards. To manage the rush, we've to optimise and accelerate our processes without interruption. I've you're worried about the shipping costs, please think twice before you complete your order, thanks for your understanding!

Can I order by telephone or email?

We are sorry, this does not work. The process of our online shop only allows regular orders made in the online shop.

Where is my order?
Please note our delivery times. In case of not having received your goods within the delivery time indicated, please let us know. We will do our very best to resolve the matter rapidly.

Do you have rarities like "Der Tunnel" or "Die Pest"?
Unfortunately, there are some mini-expansions which are not produced and therefore not available anymore. And we do not have any secret hideouts. If it's not in the shop, we don't have it, for real, we're sorry.

How can I get the Spiel'14/'15/'16-tiles?
These special tiles of the corresponding year are only available at the game-fair "Spiel" in Essen/Germany and within the frame of our St. Nicolas-Campaign. Otherwise not, thanks for your understanding.