Since June 13, 2014 the following Directive has been applied for the right of withdrawal:                                           EU-Directive on consumer rights 2011/83/EU.                                             

According to this Directive you have the right to return received goods for whatever reason. It is necessary that you clearly inform us about your decision to withdraw from the purchase. In conformity with the Directive we refund the full purchase price as well as the shipping charges for the delivery; however, we charge the costs for the return delivery. This right of withdrawal is possible at the latest within 14 days after receipt of the goods.

Standard withdrawal form

According to the above-mentioned EU Directive we are obliged to offer you a standard withdrawal form with all the necessary details. These can be copied informally in an email and be sent to service@cundco.de.

  • To Carcassonne & Co GmbH, Birnauer Str. 15, 80809 M√ľnchen:
  • I/We hereby withdraw from the contract concluded by me/us on the purchase of the order(s) [please fill in here the order or invoice numer].
  • ordered at / received at
  • name of the consumer
  • address of the consumer
  • signature of the consumer (only paperform)
  • date

If you have any problems, please contact us first and give us some time to solve it. If you want to inform an official authority, please contact the Online Dispute Resolution website* of the European Commission.

Of course, we comply with applicable European law, but we are no pedantic legalists. We strive for a harmonious relationship with our customers , and we know from experience that goodwill on both sides will lead to the best and simplest solutions.

*The Online Dispute Resolution website is an official website managed by the European Commission dedicated to helping consumers and traders resolve their disputes out-of-court.