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Paleo - The White Whale Paleo - The White Whale
We live a quiet life on the coast and try our hand at seafaring. But recently there have been rumors about a monster that is threatening people on the high seas attacked. The White Whale is a new exciting module of Paleo - Kennerspiel...
€4.99 *
Carcassonne 3.0 - The Drawbridges Carcassonne 3.0 - The Drawbridges
With this mini expansion for the Carcassonne base game, the timing of your scoring is decisive. If the drawbridge is down, you can move from the road into the city to score additional points. Here you can find the rules for this expansion.
€5.49 *
Carcassonne 3.0 - NüCC - The Spell Circles Carcassonne 3.0 - NüCC - The Spell Circles
ATTENTION! Product with production issues, no exchange or complaint possible, therefore 50% discount. Because we want to avoid waste, we sell the defective product at a special price. Therefore, the product will not be produced again in...
€3.50 * €6.99 *
Carcassonne 3.0 - The Wonders of Humanity - Set I Carcassonne 3.0 - The Wonders of Humanity - Set I
A new Carcassonne mini-expansion series awaits you: The Wonders of Humanity . We start with Set I , in which you can discover the first 4 wonders tiles in Tetris shape: Stonehenge, Notre Dame, Circus Maximus and Alhambra. The Wonders of...
€6.99 *
Carcassonne 3.0 - Bundle I - 4 Mini-Expansions Carcassonne 3.0 - Bundle I - 4 Mini-Expansions
Four mini expansions for the Carcassonne base game combined in one bundle: Score points in a renewed way with well-known German monasteries, or build famous cathedrals and appoint your meeple as archbishops. Visit the markets of Leipzig...
€17.99 *
El Grande (Reprint 2023) El Grande (Reprint 2023)
15th century Spain: for almost 700 years, the conflict for dominance over the country has raged between Christian and Muslim rulers. Spain is divided into several kingdoms, counties, provinces, and an emirate. In addition to Catholics...
€44.99 *
Karvi Karvi
As Jarl, you travel the northern seas to achieve undying fame. Under the sail of your own Karve-style ship (Karvi), you lead a crew, trade with foreign cultures and plunder lands. Boost your crew's abilities by upgrading your ship and...
€69.99 *
Meeple-Bags - Set of 3 Meeple-Bags - Set of 3
Our popular Meeple-Bags are now available in 3 new colors! Instead of the previous 6, there are now 9 different colors. You can get our three new colors pink, orange and gray here as a set to complete you collection.
€4.49 *