Ultimate Railroads

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  • 1058
  • Helmut Ohley, Leonhard Orgler
  • Gestaltung: Martin Hoffmann, Claus Stephan 3D-Elemente: Marcel Gröber
  • 12+ Jahre
  • 1 bis 4
  • 40 Min./Spieler*in
In 2013 the strategy game RUSSIAN RAILROADS conquered the hearts of "hardcore" gamers and... more
Product information "Ultimate Railroads"

In 2013 the strategy game RUSSIAN RAILROADS conquered the hearts of "hardcore" gamers and railway enthusiasts alike. It's a game that challenges. Just play to yourself and bet on luck, that won't work here - at least not for those who play for victory!

In 2014 it even won the Deutsche Spiele Preis and, increasingly, fans all over the world. The expansions GERMAN RAILROADS and KOHLE (2015) are appearing, followed by AMERICAN RAILROADS (2016), as well as some mini-expansions. Almost all copies were soon sold out. In order to answer the worldwide calls of the gamers for a new edition, we sat down. And because we wanted to offer something special, we immediately made "everything new"! Okay, maybe not everything - the game is still the same as before. In addition to a few adjustments, the "jewel" of this long development is a new, really big expansion: ASIAN RAILROADS.

Since many adjustments were only possible with a revision of the entire layout, we wanted to take the opportunity to offer added value to long-time fans as well. Everything is designed in a modular way and for the first time you can freely combine all elements with each other. This strategic delicacy became so big and extensive that a new name was needed: ULTIMATE RAILROADS was born!

Let the boilers and your heads smoke, but be careful - not for beginners!

This BIG BOX contains everything that has ever been made by RRR - and more: 2 box inserts, 1 game board, 1 industrial board, 140 wooden parts, 52 cards, 8 double-sided route boards, 323 punched parts, 1 extensive rulebook

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