Carcassonne 3.0 Maps (GER/EN)

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Note: Currently available : Nordics, France, Germany, Taiwan & Ukraine The... more
Product information "Carcassonne 3.0 Maps (GER/EN)"

Note: Currently available: Nordics, France, Germany, Taiwan & Ukraine

The currently unavailable 3.0 maps, will be available step by step as soon as they are sold out in 2.1 design, this you find here.

With Carcassonne Maps we are offering a whole new way to play your Carcassonne. You will receive the Map and you will use your already existing game material.

There is also a Mini-Expansion for each map, which offers its own small expansion for each map. For this you need the Map-Chips, you can find the corresponding rules here.

If you buy this product, you'll get a DIN A1 high-quality, linen-print map.
As we have to roll the map for shipping, we advise to counter-roll the map before use or use some books etc. to flatten it before or during use. Even better if you are using some easy-removable tape to fit it on the table, so that there is nothing in the way during playing and nobody can accidentally move the board.

Only useable together with the original tiles and Meeple of the Carcassonne-family!