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Wood-Meeple - 10 in one color Wood-Meeple - 10 in one color
You will receive 10 wooden Meeple in one of 14 different colors. Attention! Article is not suitable for infants under 3 years. Swallowable small parts.
€2.99 *
Wood-Meeple - 100 in one color Wood-Meeple - 100 in one color
Here you get 100 wooden Meeple in one color. For Meeple stacking, for a Meeple shower, for tinkering with prototypes, as a replacement for characters from other games or whatever you can think of with it... Attention! Article is not...
€7.99 *
Carcassonne - Starting Tableau Carcassonne - Starting Tableau
This beautiful tableau shows the town Carcassonne and offers a lot of possibilities to put on your tiles at the beginning of your game. The picture is known from "Der Graf", where it was included as single tiles.
€1.99 *
Carcassonne - Blank-Sheet Set Carcassonne - Blank-Sheet Set
Our popular blank sheets are now available as a set. It includes 2 blank sheets for the classic Carcassonne, 1 sheet for the Winter-Edition, 1 sheet for Südsee, 1 sheet for Goldrausch and 1 sheet for Über Stock und Stein. Happy crafting!
€7.49 *
Wood-Meeple - Complete-Set Wood-Meeple - Complete-Set
Here you get all the figures from: the basic game, the 1st - 10th expansion as well as the minis 2 & 6 in the desired color. Content: 8 Meeple, 1 big Meeple, 1 builder, 1 pig, 1 mayor, 1 wagon, 1 barn, 1 messenger, 1 robber, 1 shepherd,...
€5.49 *
Printed Mini-Game-Rules Printed Mini-Game-Rules
Please read the product description carefully and follow them. There are no printed rules for your Mini-Expansion, but you didn't like reading them from your cell phone? And you don’t have a printer either? We will print out the rule for...
€1.00 *
Carcassonne - Blank-Sheet Carcassonne - Blank-Sheet
Exactly, here you get empty Carcassonne tiles on the front. You can select the desired backs (for the different versions). Since there are 100 ideas for Carcassonne, but unfortunately not all of them can appear, you can use this to...
€1.49 *
Carcassonne - The School (GER) Carcassonne - The School (GER)
The two landscape tiles in this expansion expand the starting tile and the new teacher figure ensures a significant increase in points. Components: 2 landscape tiles, 1 Meeple as teacher, 1 small Meeple-Bag, 1 rule (DE) Meeple-Bag and...
€3.99 *
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