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Carcassonne - 6 Tableaux of the Base Game 2.1 Carcassonne - 6 Tableaux of the Base Game 2.1
This article contains 6 tableaux of the Carcassonne Base Game 2.1 (72 tiles without the mini-expansion "The River"). You can use these tiles to expand your previous basic game for even more fun or you can use them as additional tiles for...
€14.99 *
Carcassonne - 4 Extra Tiles Carcassonne - 4 Extra Tiles
These 4 Carcassonne tiles from the magazine SpielDoch! 2/2018 are now also available for purchase separately. Two of these tiles can be combined with the Carcassonne basic game . The two other tiles are to be played together with the...
€2.49 *
Carcassonne - Blank-Sheet Set Carcassonne - Blank-Sheet Set
Our popular blank sheets are now available as a set. It includes 2 blank sheets for the classic Carcassonne, 1 sheet for the Winter-Edition, 1 sheet for Südsee, 1 sheet for Goldrausch and 1 sheet for Über Stock und Stein. Happy crafting!
€7.49 *
Carcassonne - Blank-Sheet Carcassonne - Blank-Sheet
Exactly, here you get empty Carcassonne tiles on the front. You can select the desired backs (for the different versions). Since there are 100 ideas for Carcassonne, but unfortunately not all of them can appear, you can use this to...
€1.49 *