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Paleo - The White Whale Paleo - The White Whale
We live a quiet life on the coast and try our hand at seafaring. But recently there have been rumors about a monster that is threatening people on the high seas attacked. The White Whale is a new exciting module of Paleo - Kennerspiel...
€4.99 *
Paleo - The Hornets Paleo - The Hornets
We have learned how useful bees and their honey can be. But now hornets have settled nearby, and they don't seem friendly. Attention! This module can only be played together with PALEO. Combined with light modules, the hornets are not a...
€4.99 *
Paleo - Flash Of Wit Paleo - Flash Of Wit
The Flash Of Wit is another PALEO module. Be it taking a unique opportunity or simply spontaneous inspiration. Sometimes you just have them, such flashes of inspiration. Attention! Can only be played with the base game "Paleo". Here you...
€1.99 *
Paleo - The Initiation Rite (GER) Paleo - The Initiation Rite (GER)
The initiation rite " Der Initiationsritus" is a further module to PALEO. Accompany four kids through their journey to become an adult. Which challenges are waiting for them? Attention! Can only be played with the base game "Paleo". Here...
€4.99 *
Paleo - The Terror Birds (EN) Paleo - The Terror Birds (EN)
You discover a new area and come across strange, large eggs. Your mission is to find these eggs before the birds hatch and wreak havoc ... You can download the German rules here below. Attention! Can only be played with the base game...
€4.99 *