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Carcassonne 3.0 - NüCC - The Spell Circles Carcassonne 3.0 - NüCC - The Spell Circles
ATTENTION! Product with production issues, no exchange or complaint possible, therefore 50% discount. Because we want to avoid waste, we sell the defective product at a special price. Therefore, the product will not be produced again in...
€3.50 * €6.99 *
Carcassonne 3.0 - The Markets of Leipzig (+ Mini-Exp. CC-Amazonas) (GER/EN) Carcassonne 3.0 - The Markets of Leipzig (+...
Die Stadt Leipzig (lateinisch "Lipsia") ist im Mittelalter der Kreuzungspunkt der Handelsstraßen Via Regia und Via Imperii, weshalb dort zahlreiche Märkte entstehen. Im Jahr 1507 erhält Leipzig das Stapelrecht verliehen, welches alle...
€5.49 *
Carcassonne - The River (GER/EN) Carcassonne - The River (GER/EN)
Here you find The River from the "new edition" from 2014 (new design), which is already included in the base game as a mini expansion, individually. Attention! This mini expansion is only available as an open tableau. It is not...
€4.99 *
Carcassonne - Halflings (GER/EN) Carcassonne - Halflings (GER/EN)
They are back: Halb so wild I and Halb so wild II . Both mini expansions are known from the first release in 2014. This time they are together in just one single mini expansion and of course in a new design. It consists of 24 triangular...
€4.99 *
Carcassonne - The Barber-Surgeons (GER/EN) Carcassonne - The Barber-Surgeons (GER/EN)
With this mini-expansion, you'll send your Meeple to the barber surgeons. A bathhouse had several purposes during the Middle Ages. You could take a bath sharing the latest gossip as well as you could enjoy a highly professional medical...
€4.99 *
Carcassonne - Japanese Buildings (GER/EN) Carcassonne - Japanese Buildings (GER/EN)
This mini-expansion containing 6 well-known buildings in Japan gives the players the opportunity to score points in a new way. Whether or not they score more points though, will be seen at the end of the game. Components: 6 land tiles...
€4.99 *
Carcassonne Südsee - Freitag (GER) Carcassonne Südsee - Freitag (GER)
A small island is formed in the South Seas, on which the native “Freitag” lives. It brings many benefits to the islanders, such as more clams, bananas, and fish. Components: 6 land tiles, 1 wooden Freitag, 1 rule (DE). Attention! Can...
€3.99 *
Carcassonne - The School (GER) Carcassonne - The School (GER)
The two landscape tiles in this expansion expand the starting tile and the new teacher figure ensures a significant increase in points. Components: 2 landscape tiles, 1 Meeple as teacher, 1 small Meeple-Bag, 1 rule (DE) Meeple-Bag and...
€3.99 *